Features Of The Civil Estimating Software

There are now the entire systems which are in use in different civil engineering companies and these software not only perform the estimation but there are many other jobs which are also done by these such as the delivery of the project, identifying the milestones, giving the contracting for job order and many more. This has given the project managers of the company the ability to work on more than one project at a time since the speed of these projects have been increased very much. It has been observed that this software has increased the speed of the project by a multiple of six to ten and the procurement cycles have also been reduced by a percentage of 15 to 20. The features that these provide could vary from software to software but some of the basic features are given below.

Three main features of the civil estimation software:

There are many plug ins and adds on various estimation software but the three main feature which is present in all the estimation software include the calculation of the take-off which is the measurement done from the paper or electronics, the central database which is built in the software and has the record and data of costs of materials which are gathered from the commercial market source and then there are worksheets which are similar to the spreadsheets in which all the calculations and estimations are performed and saved.

Other extra features:

Item view:

This is the feature in which you enter the major tasks of the projects which are necessary for the completion of the project and this feature divided the bigger tasks in to the sub tasks and give the view of how one task is dependent and related to other giving the idea to the project manager that which tasks needs to be completed first.

Calculation of resources and their cost:

Resources are the labours, all the machinery used, and everything which is used in the project. The labour costs could be the competitive market cost and the materials are also calculated by the commercial market prices. Having all these calculated, the contractor could then find out the total cost of the project.

Reporting and exporting:

The efficient civil estimating software stores all the data that has been given to it and organizes it in its own database which could further be used to generate many kind of the reports based on the amount of the data and not only this but the output of the estimation software could also be exported to many other software and could be used as input for these.