Estimate Out Now Your Earthworks With Bright Box Software!

The company Bright box Software was created to revolutionize construction industry software and mechanisms. The main aim was to provide solutions that powerful and easy to use. These solutions helped on construction estimating projects which enabled estimators to do their job more effectively and efficiently. This gave birth to a history changing product by the company the “Mud Shark”, it is basically an earthworks estimating software which has changed the face of estimating providing an easy way to surveyors. The company has its offices in Australia, UK and USA.

Why Mud Shark?

Faster estimation of projects and saving of time spent on ground surveying.

Higher level of accuracy due to the interactive 3D models.

Smart take-off software enable rapid and precise data input.

Multiple data formats and clear reporting.

Take-off Software:

Mud Shark is the best utilization of valuable time with precise estimation with the powerful take-off tools which is automatically copy contents from the plan by just single one click, or by the use of convenient take-off tools for tracing out structure. With a little bit information Mud Shark also calculates the cut and fill calculations. Looking around the site along with the drone, can also save the time, but interpreting that the details can also be a difficult and time taking process. Well, Mud Shark got powerful best for importing drone’s data as well produce your site along with great ease.

Civil and Groundwork estimating software:

Mud Shark is programmed for big earthwork calculations, it has built-in intelligence that enables it to interact with the user and get the work done in no time without getting into the way of a tiring learning process. This makes the projects to be done quicker by all means whether inputting contents, boundaries as well structures. The takeoff software in Australia gives tools those help to simplify the complex construction calculations.

3D based site modelling software:

Mud shark also show the 3D model, the current position and the predicted site will be presented in a 3D model in addition it displays the different kind of materials are used in it. It produces custom cross-section so that different parts of the predicted site are visible and it enables the tracking of materials.

Civil estimating software:

Mud shark makes concise and appropriate structures for pipe range, excavation as well backfill. The automated one clashing detection software analyses the pipe networks and checks out for any clash of pipelines in order to inhibit any sort of complications on the site.

Complete and affordable solutions:

Mud shark comes with a 14 days free trial version and after that there 2 different types of packages depending upon the need and use of the customers and users.

The license User: This plan is based on cutting and filling, precise material and balancing tools and interactive 3D modelling. It costs around 225 US Dollars.

MUSHARK + TRENCH user license: This plan is based on complete earthwork solutions, perfect for cutting and filling, piping and trenching network, appropriate and practical one 3D modelling of the site along with the most additional one measuring tools. It costs around 250 US Dollars.