3 Best Hyperconvergence Infrastructural Systems

HCI (hyperconvergence infrastructure) was the savior when CI (convergence infrastructure) was started to overload and malfunction. Today, HCI helps thousands of companies of all scales worldwide to maintain their IT matters smoothly.

There are many reasons why HCI was immediately chosen over CI. The cost-effectiveness, the less space consumption, less complications and so on made people realize that this indeed is the next generation IT solution that they’ve been waiting for. There are many HCI solutions in the market that you need to be aware of.

Here are 3 best systems out of the list.

The 380-model

Introduced in 2016, the HPE hyper converged 380 system has been able to win the hearts of a lot of people all around the world. The CEO of the HPE specifically mentioned how it was easier and more importantly cheaper than the Nutanix. It is currently available in 3 editions.


Virtualization- for App servers and lightweight applications


VDI (Virtual Desktop Integration)

The expansion is up to 16 nodes with a peak memory of 1536GB per node and a peak capacity of 40.2TB per node. This sort of a capability is simply not exhibited by any of the HCI solutions in the market. It is probably the best solution.

The 250-model

Before the introduction of the 380-model, the trusted HPE partners was announced in 2015. It is based on the Apollo sever platform. All the hardware and software components are pre-installed and pre-integrated for a better user experience. It typically supports VMware and Microsoft visualization technologies. The 380-model was never a replacement for the 250-model but an improvement in a different design.

When it comes to specs of the 250-system, it has a maximum of 4 nodes with a peak memory of 512GB dual-rank x4 DDR4 per node, a peak capacity storage of 10.8TB per node and a peak hybrid capacity of 8.8TB. It’s quite a cost-effective solution if you are looking for something less powerful than the 380 HP model.

The 3PAR 8000

Being a mere storage HCI, the 3PAR 8000 is another great solution that wouldn’t break your bank. It available is both 2-node and 4-node storage base that comes as a cost-effective versatile HCI alternative. It supports the convergence of block and file protocols and all-flash arrangement performances too.

In the end of the day, not all companies can maintain their good name in such a competitive field. Given that there are a few, you should always choose to invest on their products.